Midweek highlights after the weekend washout and Gilly Flaherty shares her story

Feb 10, 2020, 06:14 PM

Kait and Lynsey are back - not just this week, but until the the end of the season - and they’re joined in the studio by Tim Stillman to look ahead to a midweek round of games in the WSL and the weekend in the FA Cup. Plus, West Ham captain Gilly Flaherty talks to about why she's started her conversation about mental health.


• PART 1a: We’re back - with thanks to Football Manager and *you*!  (01m 00s)
• PART 2a: The WSL washout (05m 20s)
• PART 2b: Spurs v Everton, Man City v Bristol City, Reading v West Ham and Liverpool v Arsenal previews (11m 30s)
• PART 3: Birmingham v Chelsea preview (18m 00s)
• PART 4a: Keira Walsh’s new contract; Izzy Christensen’s Lyon regrets and other news headlines (20m 00s)
• PART 4b: FA Cup 5th Round previews (26m 00s)
• PART 5: Gilly Flaherty on mental health (30m 20s)
• PART 6: AOB (42m 00s)


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