The Good Glow with Brigid AKA Bridey Bunch Triplets

Feb 16, 02:00 AM
This week, Georgie speaks to Brigid also known as Bridey Bunch Triplets on Instagram. Brigid had just settled down with her partner in Dublin, when they decided the time was right to try for a baby. They got pregnant straight away and were floored when her 12 week scan showed she was having triplets. Brigid tells Georgie about how she dealt with the shock, what they did to prepare and how overwhelming it was to find 35 medical professionals in the room as she gave birth. Brigid is so honest in describing what life was like with 3 small babies, how easier life became when she asked for help and all the madness in between. In particular one day, when her buggy got stuck at the tills of her local supermarket as chaos unfolded around her.