Episode 106: Bipolar Disorder, Lip Filler, Academy Awards Fashion with actress, Alessandra Torresani

Feb 26, 02:17 AM
Hello, Beauty Byters!
On this week's episode of Beauty Bytes with Dr. Kay: Secrets of a Plastic Surgeon, I'm joined in my office by actress and host of the podcast, Emotional Support, Alessandra Torresani! I've known Alessandra for quite some time and it is always a pleasure having her at my Pasadena office. As an actress, Alessandra takes pride in her appearance and is outspoken about the natural approach she goes for with injectables. We chat about the Academy Awards, living with bipolar disorder, and the alarming suicide rates that have recently swept the nation. As a physician, I know how important mental health is and I love what Alessandra is doing to break the stigmas that often surround mental illness. Things get a little crazy in the middle of the podcast once I start injecting but we always have a great time! Keep listening to find out what procedure Alessandra came in for and some of the projects she currently has in the works. Be sure to catch me on an episode of Alessandra's podcast very soon!

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