Celebrating The Best 2000s Shithouses

Season 2, Episode 1,   Feb 27, 2020, 05:30 AM

We're back!

Rich Williams, Mark Holmes and Rob Conlon are joined by returning comedian Danny McLoughlin as we take a walk down Shithouses Lane in the first episode of series two.

Former referee Mark Halsey joins the boys on the phone to reveal what it's like dealing with shithouses on the field, including an interesting way of dealing with Chelsea legend John Terry.

We finish with another episode of Football Fact or Fiction in which Rich 
tries to guess which of the many unlikely stories about some of the biggest 2000s shithouses, is in fact, true.

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including expanded interviews with many of the show's guests.


- Danny has returned and so have we
- Shithouses montage (2m 30s)
- What is a shithouse and why do we love them? (3m 45s)
- Shithouse categories (6m 11s)
- Mark van Bommel (8m 20s)
- Kevin Nolan (9m 50s)
- Obligatory Leeds Shithouse (11m 10s)
- Always been like that (13m)
- A Hall of Famer (14m)
- Rivaldo's famous moment and a shithouse's natural ability
- Obligatory Leeds shithouse #2 (17m)
- Marco v Zizou (18m)
- Their shithouse becomes our shithouse (19m 50s)
- Craig Bellamy. (21m 55s)
- Our shithouse becomes their shithouse (23m)
Rino (24m 10s)
- Mark Halsey interview. He talks us through dealing with shithouses, his tricks of the trade, and some of the worst to ref (25m 02s)
- Post-interview chat and a Robbie Savage tale (35m 39s)
- Football Fact or Fiction (40m 53s)
- Contact details (46m 27s)

You can find all our other episodes here, including the Arsenal Invincibles, Leeds in the Champions League semis, Champ Man with Cherno Samba and Cristiano Ronaldo at Man Utd: https://audioboom.com/channels/5008818

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