How Guardiola dispelled the 'next-game focus' myth

Season 6, Episode 31,   Feb 27, 2020, 04:33 PM

00:00:00 - 00:08:21  | Gattenaccio vs. Setiénismo

'The one slim hope Napoli have is that Busquets will not play in the second leg'

08:31 - 18:09 | Did Pep galaxy brain Real Madrid with his infamous 'f***-up' formation?

'Pep's formation only made two players stand out: Rodri and Gundogan'

18:05 - 25:00 | The weird El Clasico trend stretching back to the Guardiola era

'If he starts... defensively, Barcelona have abused him and Ramos for years.'

25:20 - 41:24 | Can Man City beat Aston Villa to close ground on a Liverpool record (for a change)?

Aston Villa's left-flank strength reminds Mo of Ronaldinho and Van Bronckhorst... kind of

41:30 - END | Alphonso Davies, bringing sexy (full)back

'He reminds me most of Jordi Alba... he uses pace as a defensive weapon.'