The Cult of Neil Warnock and The Battle of Bramall Lane

Mar 05, 05:30 AM
Rich Williams, Mark Holmes and Rob Conlon are joined by returning comedian Micky P Kerr to celebrate one of football's funniest characters, Neil Warnock, and remember one of the most controversial games of the 2000s.

The man who officiated The Battle of Bramall Lane, Eddie Wolstenholme, joins the boys on the phone to talk us through the crazy events of that day, featuring three red cards and leading to the game eventually being abandoned.

As always, we finish with another edition of Football Fact or Fiction in which Rich 
tries to guess which of the many glorious stories about Neil Warnock are true.

Make sure you head to for more 2000s nostalgia, 
including expanded interviews with many of the show's guests.


- Intro
- Neil Warnock montage (3m 17s)
- Rich's poor time keeping (5m 18s)
- Neil. (6m)
- Neil v Pep, and the never-changing Warnock (7m)
- Neil v Graham Poll (11m 04s)
- Respect for Neil (13m 30s)
- Mrs Warnock (14m)
- Neil's record (15m 13s)
- Neil's approach to friendlies (17m 13s)
- Battle of Bramall Lane Montage
 (18m 53s)
- The madness of the match (20m 12s)
- Interview with Eddie Wolstenholme, who talks us through officiating the madness of that game (27m 11s)
- Thoughts on the interview (34m 05s)
- Managing over the radio & summing up Neil (35m 40s)
- Football Fact or Fiction (38m 36s)
- Contact details (44m 34s)

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