Liverpool's 2000-01 Treble, Ft. Stephane Henchoz interview

Season 2, Episode 4
Mar 19, 2020, 04:00 AM

Rich Williams, Mark Holmes and Rob Conlon are joined by Liverpool fan and comedian Alfie Brown to remember Liverpool's 2001 Treble and the players that made it happen.

Former Reds centre-back Stephane Henchoz joins on the phone to give us his memories of being a massive part of that success.

As always, we finish with another edition of Football Fact or Fiction in which Rich tries to guess which of the many glorious stories about that team is true.

Make sure you head to for more 2000s nostalgia, including expanded interviews with many of the show's guests.


- Intro to the show and guests
- Alfie uses the word 'etymology' (1m)
- Treble Montage (2m)
- Alfie's memories of that time (3m 20s)
- Going into that season and the signings (5m 09s)
- Momentum (7m 30s)
- Gary Mac and a mandatory Leeds United reference (9m 20s)
- Steven Gerrard (10m)
- Mark's YouTube Journey (11m 50s)
Alfie and the Worthington Cup Final (12m 40s)
- ...FA Cup Final (14m 16s)
- and UEFA Cup Final and Golden Goal (15m 30s)
- That squad, and that frontline (17m 21s)
Fowler and the *ahem* thing  (21m 02s)
- Interview with Stephane Henchoz. Stephane joins us on the phone to talk about the Treble season, and his massive part in those games (22m 49s)
- Pete is Bankrupt (35m 50s)
- The Treble, The League, and almost blowing it (36m 18s)
- Macca and The Barca semi-finals (39m 40s)
- Football Fact or Fiction (41m 00s)

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