S1 Ep10: Chris Baréz Brown - How To Boost Your Energy

Season 1,  Mar 23, 2020, 05:00 AM

This week's episode is all about energy.
Energy is at the core of my mojo and many of the people I’ve interviewed so far. So I wanted to go deeper on the subject of energy and understand why it's so foundational to our mojo.

To do this I turned to a global expert on energy and someone who works daily to help individuals and businesses increase their energy
Chris Baréz Brown is the founder of Upping your Elvis, a consultancy who embed a human, energetic and creative working culture to create healthy, happy businesses. He is also the founder the charity Talk it Out
He is an author, keynote speaker, an uber creative mind, amazing facilitator and all round good guy.

We talk about the 4 key states of energy - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - how each affect us and how you can be better in tune with each state. As they all matter, and they all help you understand where you are and what you can do to boost your mojo.

You can can find more about Chris' business Upping Your Elvis via the website or their Linked In
And go and have a look at http://www.talk-it-out.org/ - the charity Chris established to help with mental health. I highly recommend using the resources there to have a powerful walk and talk.
Chris' book - Wake Up - is available from all good booksellers and of course Amazon 

Wherever you are, please stay safe and well. And I hope your mojo continues to flow
Richard x

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