Episode 110: Injectable Beauty Trends to Keep an Eye On - Live from the Merz Aesthetics Expert Summit

Mar 25, 12:17 AM
Hello, Beauty Byters!
On this week’s episode of Beauty Bytes with Dr. Kay: Secrets of a Plastic Surgeon, I go live from Munich, interviewing top Experts from across the World at the Merz Aesthetics Expert Summit on current and future trends in the aesthetic industry. Hear what Jacob Sanchez (@getrefreshed1) has to say about facial balancing and harmonization, as well as why he thinks there will be a huge wave of millennials interested in cosmetic procedures in 2020. Learn what Larry Blevins (@plasticsurgeryvip)Audrey Rose (@ARoseInstitue) are seeing most of in their offices today and why body contouring and blending will blow up in 2020. Finally, Erika Barry (@botoxbunny) explains why injectors are turning away from the Kylie Jenner lips of 2018 and towards a more natural look. Tune in now to discover how injectors are working to break the stigmas that follow the aesthetic field and sparking a huge surge in interest in 2020. You won’t want to miss meeting these awesome experts and so much more! 
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