Five Minute Friday: 5 Tips to Alleviating Stress and Keeping Your Skin Fresh During the Corona Virus Quarantine

Mar 27, 10:28 PM
Happy Friday, beauties!
On this week’s Five Minute Friday, I talk to you about the negative impact that stress can have on the skin. Many of us are experiencing heightened stress levels during these uncertain times that the world is experiencing. Stress is known to cause inflammation in the body, anxiety, and breakouts. I give you some tips you can try, to keep your stress and skin under control during COVID19. Tune in now to hear the easy ways you can clear up that quarantine acne, from a simple walk to taking a steamy shower. Lets take advantage of all this extra time we have at home and give our skin the care it deserves. Don’t forget to check out my 30% off all skincare here, and let’s de-stress and get our skin right!
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