Legge day, Sunderland Til I Die, and there's a new daddy in town

Apr 01, 03:04 PM

We have a triple header of interviews as Port Vale's Leon Legge takes us through how he's had to adapt to the new normal and how his epilepsy affects that. Sunderland Til I Die Executive Producer Leo Pearlman discusses the new season and the tears shed in the edit suite. And we speak with Rich Cawley about how local papers are affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. All that and Sam Parkin became a dad this week! With Sam it's Caroline Barker and Adrian Clarke for a packed pod.


  • PART 1a - Hello Sidney (01.00)
  • PART 1b - PL and EFL pay packets (3.30)
  • PART 1c - National League suspension (07.30)
  • PART 2a - Rich Cawley on local papers and Charlton (11.30)
  • PART 2b - Team of the Season - forwards (17.20)
  • PART 3a - Sunderland Til I Die with Leo Pearlman Exec Producer (27.00)
  • PART 3b - Luke O’Nien and other headlines (36.40)
  • PART 4a - Leon Legge exclusive (41.00)
  • PART 4b - Positive mental attitude and Joe Wicks has ruined my hammies (49.00)

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