Illustrator & Graphic Designer - Sneha Shanker

Apr 15, 2020, 05:30 AM
This week's guest's illustrative work will have you weeping with joy at the beauty and tenderness she is able to evoke with her paints and pens. 🎨

For episode 72 we are joined by the wildly talented Illustrator and Graphic Designer, Sneha Shanker.

She discusses her pathway to following her creativity - not a straight journey which included a detour via way of an engineering degree. She also shares her morning rituals to help 'clear her mind' for the day ahead and the importance of giving oneself permission to do things badly.

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Sneha has created two drawings that you can download via - if you go to the site, pop in your email address they are yours. We encourage you to share your completed coloured-in work with us via instagram @sneha.shanker & @greaterthaneleven or email them back to us atΒ 

We will be catching up with Sneha via Instagram live on the 24th April, to share and discuss your wonderful creations.

You can learn more and connect with Sneha via her website: or via instagram: @sneha.shanker.

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