S1 Ep14: Finding The Beauty In Dis-Ease - Carrie Montgomery

Apr 20, 04:00 AM
This week's episode is about courage in the face of disease. Indeed, finding the beauty within dis-ease.

My guest this week is Carrie Montgomery and she knows a thing or two about resilience, courage and adaptability. Developed in the face of a long history of medical issues in her life from breaking her back as an 18 year old to most recently contracting encephalitis at the end of 2019.

She has used each episode to learn and adapt her approach to life, so I just knew she’d be a great source of inspiration right now. Overtime she has learned - the hard way - as I say, to find beauty in dis-ease.

When conventional medicine couldn’t resolve things for her, she went on her own learning journey to better understand what was happening to her.
This agency both helped her with her health and provided the inspiration for her eponymously named business - where she creates transformation for women from the inside out.

Carrie is many things - an entrepreneur, dog mom, stylist, visionary, challenger of convention, survivor, empath and Jane of all trades...the list goes on, she’s lived an amazing life so far. It was an honest, open and fascinating conversation that feels very well timed for now.

To find out more about Carrie - check out her website
And follow her on Instagram @stylebymonty

Stay safe, stay home (for now) and keep well and I hope your mojo continues to flow
Richard x

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