Jacob Samuel's Eternal Life | Deep Listen

Season 12, Episode 1,  Apr 20, 2020, 05:34 PM

A performance by Jacob Samuel and Samir Kennedy featuring a collage of interviews with Beatrice Dillon, Coby Sey, Ines Camara, Scott Pattinson, Tadej Vindis and Vanessa Omoregie (Camgirls Project). The piece looks into the existence of infinity in the present moment, the relationship of tech and the image of the body, the future of prophecies between them.

Originally performed live for RADIO ASSEMBLY, part of ASSEMBLY in 2018, five days of sound and performance at Somerset House Studios.


Deep Listen is a new series for Somerset House Studios in which we share  long-form audio content, new or archive, featuring interviews, discussions and creative responses to ideas of connection and commonality.