Body Image: How highly do you regard the opinions of others?

Episode 77,   May 18, 2020, 12:00 AM

Who are you losing weight for - yourself or to please others? What does the phrase ‘body image’ mean to you? And what would a healthy body image mean for you?
This episode comes as the singer Adele posted a seemingly innocent photo on instagram on her 32nd birthday…only to have the social media split over her new lighter look.
“She was hotter before she lost the weight” read one comment, “someone buy her a Big Mac or 20” read another.
And there was questions over whether it was fat phobic to even celebrate Adele’s weight loss. Surely she's lovely whatever her size? 

On this Slimming World Podcast we talking about our experiences of low self-esteem, of being fat-shamed and moments where others opinions have torn us down - just as we were starting to rebuild our confidence.
And we know we’re not alone. Our listeners have shared their thoughts and experiences on body image struggles with us too.

So get your journal out and thinking caps on, as we consider practical tips to put in place whilst losing weight - to learn how to manage unkind comments and ask for support when we need it.

Shout out to our listener Nicola for inspiring us to make this episode via her late night DM! 

Warning: If any of this conversation triggers you, then please ask for help via your consultant or a healthcare professional. Please don’t struggle alone, you’re worth more than you ever think.

FYI: The podcast by Dr Linda Papadopoulos we mention regarding body dysmorphia is here, plus resources of where to go for help:

Presented by Clare Freeman and Anna Mangan. 
Produced by ASFB Productions. 

Please note: The info we share is based on our personal weight loss experiences. Always check with your consultant or a health professional when following a weight loss plan.