Minisode 17: Covid-19 Listener Mail

May 18, 2020, 10:00 AM
In our previous minisode we talked about how our lives have been affected by coronavirus and what we are thankful for. This episode we flipped the topic to y’all and shared some of the international feedback we received.

ALSO MENTIONED: Rupaul’s Jealous of my Boogie, bald eyes, episode #32 of the Third Wheel Podcast featuring Stephanie, and DJ D-Nice’s Club Quarantine (IG Live 8pm PST @Dnice).

We received not one but TWO voice messages from the dynamic duo at Peculiar Picture Show. Brandon Gregory and Maria Milazzo both share their stories of lockdown. Brandon tells of his experience of working from home with a family in suburban Kansas CIty. Maria, who lives in Denver but has family in Florida, talks of her fears and frustrations with immunosuppressed relatives living out of state. Hamish from The Third Wheel podcast chats about the pros and cons of social distancing at home with his family in London. He invites everyone to join in on their weekly Friday game night. Max, a musician and producer, sends in a hopeful message all the way from Italy. He shares his thoughts on being out of work for the foreseeable future and what he is learning and creating during this period. Sarath, friend of the pod, writes in with her feeling on the rise in racism towards Asian people in the news and her fear of going back to work after quarantine lifts. We hear from Tatiana, a new mom in Tucson, regarding her challenges and frustrations. Stephanie’s cousin Alex sends a message from Germany filling us in on what is happening on the ground near Frankfurt. He shares three things he is thankful for during this pandemic. Friend of the pod, Adam from Australia, chimes in with his lockdown story. Restrictions are easing up where he lives and he is grateful that his region of the world wasn’t too badly hit.

Such plentiful and international feedback this minisode!! To everyone who sent in feedback please hug yourselves for us in a lingering but non-creepy way. Thank you friends, grazie mille mio amico and danke schön cousin!

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