Graveside Gifts - Three white ground lekythoi

Episode 2,   Jun 03, 2020, 01:21 AM

When Dr Paul Donnelly first saw the grieving figures depicted on this trio of white ground lekythoi, he felt an instant human connection. Created in the 5th century BC, these Greek ceramic vessels were intended as a graveside gift for a departed loved one, filled with oil for use in their afterlife. Paul speaks to Dr Craig Barker about these finely crafted vessels and their journey from ancient Athens to the Nicholson Collection in Australia, via World War Two Paris.

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Guest: Dr Paul Donnelly, Deputy Director of the Chau Chak Wing Museum and practicing archaeologist.

Host: Dr Craig Barker, Manager of Education and Public Programs, Chau Chak Wing Museum and Director, Paphos Theatre Archaeological Excavations. Follow @DrCraig_B on Twitter and Instagram
Object details: 
1. Attic white ground lekythos, Athens, Greece, 450-425BC (NM41.1) View full object record
2. Attic white ground lekythos, Painter of New York 23.166, Athens, Greece, 450-425BC (NM41.2)  View full object record
3. Attic white ground lekythos, Triglyph Painter, Athens, Greece, 425-400BC (NM41.3) View full object record

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