Simple Ideas and Steps to Improve your Direct Booking (Part 1)

Jun 05, 2020, 02:55 PM

In this episode we are joined again by Veit and Till from berner+becker

This is part 1 of a 2 part series where we explore is it a challenge to drive and convert more direct business, what are some basic errors made and ultimately, is it worth it?

We look at some simple ideas, back to basics and easily actionable changes which are often forgotten or overlooked in the 'data' climate world we exist in today.

Topics we cover are as follows:

How do we drive more viewers to our hotel website
  • Understand your hotel USPs
  • Understand your feeder market
  • Understand how guests currently book with you

Social Media – pre-targeting and retargeting
Search marketing
  • Different search platforms
Metasearch marketing
Other channels of interest for target group
  • Golf property – golf websites
  • Spa/Wedding facilities – magazines/sites
  • Mountain Biking

We look at importance of understanding how much will it cost and do you, as a hotel, have the right resources.

What costs should you consider as part of your Direct Booking evaluation:
  • Website costs, paid marketing, direct offerings, time

Is it more expensive when compared to your OTA costs?

If it costs more (and possibly) the same, and you have limited resources then should accept direct is maybe not way to go and think more in terms of future rebooking?

Doesn’t have to be a binary choice OTA or Direct - you could try a Direct Booking campaign around one of your unique features – keep it small to test, and make mistakes that way learn and then build on it.