Diabetes: The shocking truth and what you can do about it

Episode 82,   Jun 15, 2020, 12:00 AM

Did you know 4.8 million people in the UK have diabetes? That’s more than cancer and dementia combined. Plus get this - almost 1 in 5 of those people don’t even know they have diabetes…

Put Coronavirus aside for a moment, the World Health Organisation has been calling diabetes a “global epidemic” for a number of years now. 

To mark Diabetes Week 2020, Anna and Clare are joined by Slimming World’s Head of Nutrition and Research - Dr Jacquie Lavin. 

Anna shares the heartbreaking story of her dad who had type I diabetes. Eventually he had to have both of his legs amputated and suffered multiple heart attacks. His last words to Anna: “Don’t dig your own grave with a spoon like I did.”

In this episode, we reveal how anyone can have diabetes, we look at the tell tale signs, and reflect on new research by Slimming World which demonstrates how losing just 10% of your body weight could even reverse type II diabetes.

Need a bit more info and support? Check out diabetes.org.uk 

Presented by Clare Freeman and Anna Mangan. 
Produced by ASFB Productions. 
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Please note: The info we share is based on our personal weight loss experiences. Always check with your consultant or a health professional when following a weight loss plan.