Don't Drop Your Rates! ..... Is It Really That Simple?

Jun 10, 2020, 02:37 PM
In today’s video we are joined by Thibault Catala of Catala Consulting

Our discussion is around the current topic on most revenue managers mind:

Don’t drop your rates

We discuss why this seems fine in principle, explore how the message could be misunderstood and explain it is more nuanced than just a simple do or don’t binary choice.

0.00     Intro
1.25     Thibault Catala Intro
2.52     Why is the normal reaction to drop your rates
5.04      Is it really a binary choice to drop or not drop
6.58     What research supports the message not to drop rates
(Sherry Kimes - Cornell HOTEL sCHOOL )
9.18     Pressure from Owners/GMs and why knowing break even figure is key
11.25   Traveller types - Revenge Traveller (Okay article) and Anxiety
13.49   If not providing full experience does price reflect that
15.54   How restricted occupancy could be used to help hotel hold rates
18.38   RMS not making much sense so focus is strategy planning for different recovery scenarios
20.44   Corporate rates, meeting & events
27.18   Don’t forget to develop packages and offers to obscure any rate shift