Stick a fork in Leagues One and Two. They're done.

Jun 10, 2020, 07:59 PM

Join Matt Davies-Adams, Adrian Clarke, and Sam Parkin for an autopsy of Leagues One and Two after the EFL finally decided to let the leagues decide to call time on their seasons.

Weeks of indecision have now passed and we have a set of winners and losers from Leagues One and Two, winners notably those promoted and Wycombe. Losers Peterborough and Tranmere, and those relegated. What do our panel think and what's the best angry emoji out there? Plus we hear from promoted people Liam Kelly of Coventry and Richie Wellens of Swindon.


  • PART 1a - Thoughts on the decision making process (01.00)
  • PART 2a - Liam Kelly on getting promoted to the Championship¬† (07.00)
  • PART 2b - Commiserating with Tranmere and Peterborough (12.30)
  • PART 3a - Richie Wellens on winning League Two (20.30)
  • PART 3b - How to solve a problem like Macclesfield (27.00)

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