Train Ugly | Trevor Ragan

Jun 29, 2020, 03:15 AM
Trevor Ragan is the founder of Train Ugly and The Learner Lab, platforms dedicated to understanding and sharing the science of becoming a better learner. You can find Trevor on the Learner Lab Podcast here: 

Table of contents:
0:00 - Introduction
4:00 - Top 3 characteristics of sports coaches
5:30 - Founding “Train Ugly”
13:30 - Importance of making mistakes
17:30 - Pushing your comfort zone
28:00 - Giving feedback
32:00 - Developing critical skills
41:00 - The dangers of specializing too early 
46:00 - Book recommendations 
49:00 - Conclusion

The interview featured on this episode of the Love What You Play podcast originally debuted on the For the Love of the Game free spring Virtual Summit 2020. To learn more about our upcoming summits and events with featured speakers, head to