The Basketball Tournament Bubble with Founder Jon Mugar and NBA Food Photos

Jul 12, 2020, 06:08 PM

The Basketball Tournament founder and CEO Jon Mugar on the tourney's Ohio bubble.

Jon Mugar and Dan Friel dreamed of The Basketball Tournament in a group chat. If there was a single-elimination tournament in the summer for money, who would play, who wouldn't, and why? TBT began in 2014 and almost immediately, players decided, why not? With an initial cash prize of $500,000 that has only grown since, institutions from Barstool to Notre Dame alumni and powerful groups like overseas players and former Syracuse players grouped up in ensuing years. This summer, TBT gained its greatest talent ever in Joe Johnson. Mugar joins us to explain the lesser-known bubble in sports, going on in Columbus, Ohio for its third month, to allow TBT to undergo its seventh tourney. What's the food been like, why did he go for it, as well as details of how Mugar founded one of the simplest, but most successful stories in sports history.