Dart Adams: The erasure of Black Boston, Al Horford, J. Dilla, Quarantine Music Business

Jul 19, 2020, 05:40 PM
Boston representative, historian and prolific music writer Dart Adams joins Dome Theory for a wide-ranging discussion, starting with the erasure of Black Boston. Why do so many Black figures start here then move on? Why is the city seen for its white foreign faces rather than the Black and Latino people who fill its streets? Plus, who's the Al Horford of hip-hop? J. Dilla and Slum Village's big anniversary. Then, where's music headed after quarantine? 

00:00 Intro 
5:59 Feelings about sports coming back 
8:25 Statues and beans 
10:55 Erasure of Black Boston
27:55 Who is the Al Horford of hip-hop? 
37:58 Was Kyrie Irving fit to be a Celtic? 
42:10 Celtics title drought enters second decade
45:33 Slum Village anniversary of Fantastic Vol. 2 
51:37 J. Dilla legacy 
1:01:10 What resonates among music readers? 
1:07:10 Is the music review still relevant? 
1:15:18 What will be the impact of COVID on the music industry?