S1 | E7: TeamTime. Racial Inequity: Disturbing Power to Effect Systemic Change

Season 1, Episode 7,  Jul 21, 2020, 05:00 AM

This episode continues my journey learning more about systemic racial injustice and where we need to focus in our organisations and institutions to make structural change. Just as in climate change, business and public sector organisations have an important role to play in shaping societal norms. Governments don’t control individual behaviour, despite how much we might mandate or regulate. We need to influence through engagement, greater understanding and broadening power. We know that businesses influence at a structural level in how they employ, who they partner with, how they invest and make decisions. To progress equality in an issue as complex and insidious as race we need to work at both a system and individual level to break the reinforcing cycle that works so hard to keep power and prejudice as it is.

The seventh episode in a short series aimed at supporting leaders and teams during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Join host Debbie Wayth as she explores dilemmas and challenges during this period for leaders and teams.
Music by Elias Lemoniatis.