Building Better Leaders

Jul 21, 02:13 PM
Building Better Leaders is a weekly podcast designed to help leaders get the best outcomes for themselves, their teams and organisation. Hosted by the founders of Scaffold Coaching, Rachael Sullivan and John Tattersall, together they cover all things work: from how to lead your team in these uncertain times, working remotely, overcoming motivation and time management issues, managing change and building outstanding organisational culture.

Each episode is split into two sections; in just 10 minutes they give you 3 Leadership Essentials that you can takeaway and put into practice, the second part of the podcast delves a little deeper by exploring the Coaching Approach where we ask a number of coaching questions around the weekly topic, so you have a mini-coaching session giving you a different perspective with hints and tips that you can put into practise straight away. 

Once a month they take a break from talking to each other to interview other people who are Building Better Leaders.