2021 in Review

Season 1,   Nov 19, 2021, 10:00 AM

We celebrate this episode by summarising the past year, sharing a little of our personal histories and reviewing the year spent with our wonderful guests.

We chat about our school age experiences and what shaped us as youngsters, and how & when our careers started. What did we see and hear at work, reflecting on the great leaders, and the not so great leaders? We discuss what led us to work together, and what was so alluring about coaching?

We each approach our guests Leadership Essentials in a different way; discussing what we have learnt about ourselves in the process.

A big thank you goes to all our Guests in 2021.

Kurt Lindley Drew Povey Jan Iceton Matt Lock Céline Williams Kevin Urrutia Philip Grant Dr. Josie McLean Dr. Pam Wells Katherine Whitton Tom Manning Andy Thomas Adrian Hawley Melanie Weller Simon Town Clare Pooley Jonathan Hemus Michael Lawrence Graham Keen Peter Pritchard Brian Bachand Colin Hunter Andy Copsey Gert Jan Hofstede