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Building Better Leaders is a regular podcast created to help leaders get the best outcomes for themselves, their teams and organisation. Hosted by the founders of Scaffold Coaching, Rachael Sullivan and John Tattersall, cover all things work: from how to lead your team in uncertain times, overcoming motivation issues, managing change, better decision making, problem solving, managing work and home life to building outstanding organisational culture. 

Rachael & John interview guests from different walks of life who share their leadership journeys; through their stories we learn how these people have achieved amazing results, successful careers and developed others by adopting different leadership strategies. At the end of each interview their guests share 3 Leadership Essentials which you can consider implementing to improving your leadership skills. 

Under a chosen theme they taker a deeper dive into applying their latest guests leadership lessons whilst introducing bite-sized elements of the Building Better Leader workshops.

Building Better Leaders

Scaffold Coaching
48 episodes