Extreme OCD camp, getting through UNI and CBT therapy with Olivia Bamber

Season 1, Episode 4,  Jul 22, 2020, 09:00 AM

Chatting to Olivia Bamber last month was a real TREAT. 

Olivia works for OCD Action, helping to support others whilst also coping with her own OCD day to day. We discussed  getting through university, what it was like to be FILMED when facing her biggest fears for BBC'S 'Extreme OCD Camp' (we applaud her courage) and living in lockdown with OCD as your roommate. PLUS how therapy really can still work, even if you feel like you've tried it and it didn't quite click. As someone who went from being unable to get dressed without a friend helping her, to the inspirational mental health advocate she now is, Olivia's words are a total tonic.

So get yourself comfy and prepare for a little bit of loveliness to come your way. You deserve it. 

For help and support, please visit OCD UK at https://www.ocduk.org and OCD Action at https://www.ocdaction.org.uk

You can watch the whole series of EXTREME OCD CAMP BBC on youtube. Here is episode one- https://youtu.be/zAXjq28Wpyk

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