Brilliant Barnsley, soaring Swans, lucky Luton, and Forest flumps

Jul 23, 2020, 03:23 PM

There's a reason people call the Championship the best league in the world. With so much riding on the final day of the season we were sure to be in with a thrilling night of action, and it didn't disappoint. Matt Davies-Adams (reluctantly) takes you through it with the help of Adrian Clarke and Sam Parkin

It was a night of back and forth in the Championship as West Brom, Swansea, Barnsley, and Luton were the big winners on the final day whilst Brentford, Forest, Wigan, and Charlton are left to rue what might have been.

We get the inside scoop on West Brom with Steve Madeley from The Athletic to ask if they can stop boinging back and forth between leagues


  • PART 1a - Final night reflections (01.40)
  • PART 2a - West Brom are Premier League again  (07.30)
  • PART 2b - Bilic's Baggies with the Athletic's Steve Madeley (09.10)
  • PART 2c - Leeds crowned champions (14.30)
  • PART 3a - Big turnarounds by Luton and Barnsley  (18.20)
  • PART 3b - Where do Charlton and Wigan go from here? (24.20)
  • PART 4a - Swansea swan into top 6 (32.40)
  • PART 4b - Forest frustrate fans and fall out of play offs (37.40)
  • PART 4c - Play off predictions (42.10)
  • PART 4d - Odds (44.40)
  • PART 5 - Quiz and Moments of mirth featuring James Milner (45.00)

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