Insightful Ideas - Leading Through Change

Jul 24, 2020, 10:50 AM

In just 10 minutes we give you our 3 Leadership Essentials which you can immediately put into practice. If your interested to learn more on the subject stick around for The Coaching Approach.

In this episode Rachael and John talk about the challenges of Leading through periods of change. 
Our Leadership Essentials: 
  1. Create a plan for vision and change
  2. What are you role modelling?
  3. Communicate at all levels of the organisation

The Coaching Approach takes a more in-depth look by discussing Dr. David Rock's SCARF model around the premise that people don't necessarily resist change, they resist the loss of something that matters most to them; through the eyes of our fictional leaders Janet and John.  In addition we look at the Bridges Model of Transition discussing the idea that people don't change, they transition. 

If you enjoyed this podcast and want to learn more on this subject you can resister for this Leading Through Change MBL webinar