E17 - Interviewing JoeFest 2020's Ed Schumacher!

Aug 05, 2020, 10:30 PM

gijoe GI Joe

The Order of Battle Podcast episode 17 is out and I hope you check it out. 
Jason and Joel are joined by Ed Schumacher, the mastermind behind the GI Joe Rec Room Facebook group and the ever popular JoeFest! Join us in our discussion about vendors, guest artists, celebrities, cosplayers, customizing classes and everything else you need to feel comfortable in participating in the Third Annual Augusta Toy and Comic Show, otherwise known as JoeFest! 
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Do you intend to attend JoeFest this year? If so, shout at us on our social medias and find Joel and I at JoeFest this Labor Day weekend! 
Remember Georgia state rules will absolutely require face masks, sanitizer, physical distancing and directional aisles. Let's take reasonable, if inconvenient, precautions so that we can have a show finally! 
If there are regional shows in your region, what are they called? When do they happen? LINK US UP! 
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