Way of Champions | Jerry Lynch

Aug 24, 2020, 05:39 AM
While most would consider him simply a sports psychologist, Dr. Jerry Lynch is a coach, mentor and teacher who guides and coaches athletes and parents to explore the meaning and purpose of sport, as a powerful vehicle to help us understand the mental-emotional-spiritual components of the athletic game and how they apply to the bigger game called LIFE. Dr. Jerry Lynch has written 13 books and has conducted countless seminars and workshops talking about what it takes to be a champion.You can learn more about his story here: https://www.wayofchampions.com/about/about-doc-j.html 

Table of contents:
0:00 - Introduction
2:00 - Way of Champions Conference
6:30 - The learning journey 
12:00 - Mindfulness 
21:00 - The pressure to win
31:00 - The right way to play 
36:00 - Evolution of coaching 
40:00 - Changing perspectives
48:00 - The fear of losing control
55:00 - Building a love of the game
62:00 - Conclusion

The interview featured on this episode of the Love What You Play podcast originally debuted on the For the Love of the Game free spring Virtual Summit 2020. To learn more about our upcoming summits and events with featured speakers, head to fortheloveofthegame.ca/events