Strange New Worlds - Part 20 - Revisiting Core Characters

Season 2, Episode 21,   Aug 07, 2020, 11:39 AM

 Out of the diplomatic frying pan, into the cold war fryer.

The crews of The Golden Rose and the HMS Dendus Ship (WIP) head to the core to try and make new allies (with an intriguing season one cameo) in their quest to save a homeworld… and the galaxy at large. 

Prepare to be baffled by Dumas’ lack of understanding of electronic messaging (and Dora’s HR report-worthy abuse of emoticons), raise questions about gender sensitivity and safeguarding, and cower in fear at the thought of anthropomorphised lizards with facial hair… in the latest tale from the vaults of Espersito! 

Welcome to our Esper Genesis podcast, telling the brand spanking new story of an unlikely group of galactic nobodies caught up in something far bigger than they expected. Listen as their tale unfolds and they find new and exciting ways of making the games master despair. This truly is D&D in spaaaaaaaaaaace.
Think science fiction. Expect to find; Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica, Farscape, Firefly, Rick and Morty and Red Dwarf. Esper Genesis is a science fiction TTRPG compatible with Dungeons and Dragons 5e.
Credits: Jon Coleman (GM), Aaron Madray (Colm ‘Hudd’ Hudnarajan), Mike Cole (Aldora the Explorer), Tom Owen (Rebook Ungart), Tom Kirk (Dumas Corriban)