18. Cobra Convergence V: Cobra Inimigo Patruhla do Ar!

Aug 12, 2020, 09:30 AM

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The Order of Battle Podcast episode 18 is out and it’s all about Cobra Convergence! 
For this year’s Cobra Convergence, Joel, A and Jason are joined by Danny Soler Extraordinaire to discuss some Brazilian Comandos Em Acao:  The Cobra Inimigo’s two man Patruhla Do Ar team of Abutre Negro and Escorpiao Voador! 
We discuss these villainous beauties both in vintage and modern sculpt, the stories behind them and why we chase them. They may not be Cobra Blue, but they are definitely Cobra Black and Cobra Red as they descend, malicious intent to enact violence and mayhem!
Order of Battle Page: Abutre Negro and Escorpiao Voador 
Do you have these figures in O-Ring or in Modern? 
What do you like, or hate about these figures and who are some other figures that are outside of the domestic Hasbro 13 years that you prioritize, chase or otherwise drool over? 
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