Celtics end the 76ers, Sports Production during COVID 19 and Syracuse's College Move in Disaster

Aug 21, 2020, 06:54 PM
NBC Sports Producer Max Lederman joins to talk about the end of his beloved 76ers, his road into sports production and adjusting to the realities of remote work with COVID-19. Plus, what it's like to call NBA games away from the arena, as NBC Sports Boston did during the Celtics restart. Bobby Manning opens with thoughts on the college re-start disaster and what college students will potentially lose to the coronavirus. 

00:00 College re-start thoughts 
9:47 How NBC Sports Boston moved to remote production 
21:02 Broadcasting games outside of the Orlando NBA Bubble 
32:22 College memories and how COVID will change them forever
40:00 The silly, weird NBC Sports Celtics coverage 
46:02 The *death* of the Philadelphia 76ers