#8 Re-shaping Redundancy - A conversation with "Project Displaced" founder: Ant Cohen

Sep 04, 10:50 AM

Reflections on re-shaping redundancy - #passthispodforward

At Scaffold we understand that people are experiencing very uncertain futures and hard times ahead with the ever present threat of redundancy. This can feel very daunting and lonely; so if you are going through this or you know anyone in this position we hope this podcast will offer support, hope and understanding by helping reflect on re-shaping redundancy.

Join Rachael & John in discussion with Ant Cohen the founder of "Project Displaced" Australia's free, volunteer-run career support service. Ant shares his own experiences on having been made redundant three times, what he's learned, and how he's helping people in the same position.

Ants' Leadership Essentials:

  1. Recognise its normal to feel the way you do right now; you are having a normal reaction to feeling the way you do about being made redundant 
  2. "FOMO" - Be aware! Listen to what your body is telling you. Take your time and don't necessarily feel you need to rush into immediately applying for job after job
  3. In the past there seemed to be a taboo around redundancy, right now everyone knows what's happening, and positively people are feeling that they can break the taboo and talk openly about the feelings that come with it.