Colon Care & Car Fries of the French Variety + The Boys & Raised By Wolves

Season 5, Episode 38,   Sep 16, 2020, 10:22 AM


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This week we open the show discussing Tim’s medical proceedure, prepping for Hurricane Sally’s rain dump, Ira, Jeff & Steph’s birthdays, and whatnot.

Plus: The Walking Dead slogs on for two more seasons, people are mad at Amazon, South Park to air a one-hour Pandemic special on Sept. 30, Sam Elliot replaces Adam West on Family Guy, HBO Max may pick up The Venture Bros., people are mad at Taco Bell, you can get a chocolate-covered Burger King Whopper in Taiwan and why that’s disgusting, Good Times to return as a modern, animated show on Netflix and why that’s dumb.

The Boys, Season 2: New cast members, plots and characters. Also, people shouldn’t bitch about having to wait for a new episode. Or should they? Open debate!

We all agree Raised by Wolves is a great, new sci-fi show.

Class Action Park looked like fun in spite of the dangers. Ah, the 80s!

The controversy surrounding Netflix’s Cuties is all marketing. Prove me wrong!

This Week in Pop Culture History! Some highlights, debuts and such from September 16 - September 22.

Staff Picks! Jeff - Archer Season 11, Steph - Where the Bodies are Buried Podcast, Tim - Talking Sopranos (this week’s) with David “Richie Aprile” Proval. 

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