From Screen Printing to Print-on-Demand with Stoked on Printing

Sep 22, 12:00 PM
Stoked on Printing in Las Vegas has shifted from bulk screen printing to a print-on-demand business model. They've purchased 9 GTX DTG machines and hired 3 full-time developers to make their print shop into a future-focused print-on-demand machine. "The model of selling bulk t-shirts to people is saturated," says Stoked on Printing's Kevin Oakley, "We saw a potential moat around our business by focusing on technology. How can we use technology to make a customer’s experience seamless?"
If you're curious about print-on-demand services, fulfillment, using technology to grow your shop, and even plain old screen printing – this interview is for you. There has been a massive shift in how print shops will operate going forward. "Up until last year I was trying to convince people that print-on-demand was a good idea. COVID completely accelerated that. People that used to have a huge warehouse are doing print-on-demand. There’s been a huge shift to e-commerce. I don’t think it’s ever going back," says Kevin.
Kevin explains the hurdles that Stoked on Printing has faced, from connecting online stores to their shop, to getting high-quality artwork, to just dialing in their printing and hiring the right employees. Stoked on Printing has had a wild ride during 2020, going from 48 employees down to 18...and now rocketing back up to 70 employees. The biggest struggle of all? Kevin is candid: "Management!"
A huge thanks to Stoked on Printing for sharing their experience and knowledge. Don't hesitate to reach out to Kevin & the Stoked team! They're easy to find at
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