Overcoming Grief, Tips to Conquer a New Job & More w Jill Rosensweig

Episode 234,   Oct 02, 2020, 07:30 PM

Former attorney turned best selling children's book author and host of the legal podcast The Whole Truth's Jill Rosensweig joins Rachael to discuss the trauma of losing her mother the day before she went to college and the inevitable disaster that year turned into after being politely asked to leave the school.  Jill turned her life around and focused hard and eventually got admitted one of the most prestigious colleges in Canada and eventually also law school.  We talk about the mistreatment she experienced at her first job, so much so that on 9/11 she kept working out of a fear that she needed to prove herself, despite the fact that the entire neighborhood around her was going on lock down.  We also discuss what she learned from that and she gives incredible advice on how and when to stand up for yourself in the workplace.  We also discuss a conversation with a homeless man that changed her life. 

Follow al things Jill at www.jillrosensweig.com

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