Feed the Viv, Reading rock City, and Lionesses aim for the top

Oct 20, 2020, 02:15 PM

Yes after Vivianne Miedema became the top scorer in the WSL, this is now a Viv stan podcast.

Kait Borsay and Lynsey Hooper are joined by The Athletic's women's football correspondent Katie Whyatt to praise Arsenal's prolific striker.

There's also an interview with Reading boss Kelly Chambers and we hear from Baroness Sue Campbell as well about the FA's plan for growing the women's game.


PART 1a - Athletic chat (01.40)

PART 2a - Arsenal 6-1 Spurs - all hail Viv (03.00)
PART 2b - Reading 1-1 City (16.20)
PART 2c - Kelly Chambers, manager, on Grace Maloney, Champions League, and Viv Miedema (19.30)

PART 3a - Everton 2-2 Brighton (28.30)
PART 3b - West Ham 2-4 Manchester Utd (33.00)
PART 3c - Bristol 0-4 Birmingham (37.00)

PART 4a - FA’s new strategy (39.30)
PART 4b - Germany v England mini preview (44.20)


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