I Am Cold, Part One: The story of Indrid

Season 2, Episode 51,   Oct 31, 2020, 05:00 PM

On November 2, 1966 a sewing machine salesman named Woodrow Derenberger made his way home to Mineral Wells, West Virginia.  What happened to him on this drive home would forever change his life, the life of his family, and become the start of an amazing yet unbelievable story.  This is the story of how Derenberger met the enigmatic Indrid Cold and the mystery surrounding this man from another world.

Hosts Brendan Shay and Annie Weible are joined by "Hellier's" Connor Randall and the daughter of Woody Derenberger, Taunia  Derenberger-Bowman, to unravel this story and recount some of the strange events that happened in 1966 in the Appalachian Mountains.

"I Am Cold" series was created, written, produced and hosted by Brendan Shay and Annie Weible and is part of "The Serial Spirits Podcast" 2018, all rights reserved.
Thanks to our researcher, Chris Des Marias MUFON South Carolina

A very special thanks to Connor Randall for your help on this series. You are, by far, one of the smartest people we know. 
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Also, a very special thank you to Taunia Derenberger-Bowman for helping us tell her family's story.  Find Taunia on Facebook and at beyondlanulos@gmail.com 
Her book is entitled "Beyond Lanulos: Our Fifty Years with Indrid Cold."
Get your copy by emailing Taunia at beyondlanulos@gmail.com.

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