I Am Cold, Part Two: "We Will See You in Time."

Season 2, Episode 52,   Nov 12, 2020, 08:00 AM

In part two of "I Am Cold: The Story of Indrid," Shay and Weebs are joined by friend, and MUFON researcher Chris des Marais as they investigate numerous sightings in relation to Indrid Cold, patterns in these sightings, and introduce a new name to the story that sheds light on some of their most confounding realizations.

A Special Thanks to our researcher and friend Chris des Marais this would be impossible without you!

"I Am Cold" series was created, written, produced and hosted by Brendan Shay and Annie Weible and is part of "The Serial Spirits Podcast" 2018 all rights reserved.
Thanks to our researcher, Chris Des Marias MUFON South Carolina

All Music was composed by Brendan Shay and Annie Weible 2020