I am Cold, Part Six: The Void

Season 2, Episode 56,   Apr 30, 2021, 09:17 AM

In this final installment of "I Am Cold: The Story of Indrid," Shay and Annie discuss the paranormal phenomena and bizarre experiences they have had while researching these episodes. Was it all connected? Are WE all connected? Featuring "Penny Royal Podcast" host Nathan Isaac, this final episode drives home one, lingering question... we may have finished our story, but will the story ever let us leave?

Big thanks to our friend Nathan Issac and the Penny Royal podcast. Listen to Penny Royal on all podcasting platforms. Visit them at www.pennyroyalpodcast.com for more information.  Also check out Sommer Sessions on YouTube.

A very special thanks to our great friend Chris des Marais for his hours of unending research, without who this series would not be possible!

"I Am Cold" series was created, written, produced and hosted by Brendan Shay and Annie Weible and is part of "The Serial Spirits Podcast" 2018 all rights reserved.
Thanks to our researcher, Chris Des Marias MUFON South Carolina

All Music was composed by Brendan Shay and Annie Weible 2020