Episode 97 - Discover How to Find Your Confident Voice

Season 1, Episode 97,   Oct 21, 2020, 08:20 PM

Episode 97
Shawn Matthews
Owner and Founder of Open Arms Health, Shawn Matthews assists women to reclaim their time, voice, value, and vision, and in the process create love, leadership, and happiness throughout their lives. 
Shawn believes we all have a story that has made us who we are today. And as many women are fearful of speaking up it can keep them stuck, and unhappy but when they take control of their lives they can be heard.
Shawn’s Counselling studies at age 30 were interrupted when she dropped everything and returned to Canada to support her terminally ill mother and younger sister. 
Unfortunately, her mother passed away from cancer within days of her arrival. Shawn and her sister went through extreme grief and when she moved back to Australia, she finished her degree while rebuilding her life.
In this episode of the We Are Women Podcast Shawn explains why grieving is a normal process and how to manage emotions so as not to feel ashamed and have the capacity to cope. She shares her experience working with women who lack direction and unrealized potential with methods on how to be happy, healthy, and be heard.
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