Being brave, sharing his story and misophonia OCD with Patrick Ryan

Season 1, Episode 5,  Nov 02, 2020, 09:00 AM

We are back and it's EPISODE FIVE!

Our guest today is Patrick Ryan. It was recorded back in Feb of this year, so there is absolutely zero lockdown or Covid chat. Hopefully that will be a nice break for your ears and your brains.

Warning- they do cover some topics in this chat that may be upsetting. There is also a bit of fruity language used by both of them, because, let's face it, OCD is a d**k.

Pat is a graphic designer from New Zealand, and he's really good at what he does, so we were thrilled when he agreed get on board with the podcast and take charge of the art and design side of things. Beth met Pat at a friends birthday back in 2019, and he quickly revealed that Beth was the first person he had ever knowingly met who shares his OCD diagnosis.

Of course, statistics show us that Pat will most likely have met many others like himself previously; in the UK alone, around three quarters of a million people live with this life impacting disorder. Pat expressed his relief in being able to speak about it with someone who truly knows how it feels; we hope this episode might help others feel less alone too.

For help and support, please visit OCD UK at and OCD Action at

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