14. Dr. Justine Lemos: Health with Ayurveda

Nov 03, 2020, 05:05 PM
Dr. Justine Lemos is an Ayurvedic Practioner, Vedic Astrologer, author, teacher, yoga teacher, dancer, and speaker. She is the founder of The Bliss academy at One Yoga and has been featured on Gaia TV in a series called Thrive: Self-healing with Ayurveda.

Today we discuss what Ayurveda is, the different types of body and elements that make up a person’s unique constitution, imbalances of sleep, diet, and lifestyle, as well as some traditional cleansing remedies. This episode is an overview of what Ayurveda is, but is by no means intended to act or provide medical treatment. If you want to learn more or go through the process, it is recommended that you do it under the guidance of an experienced and well-trained practitioner.

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