S2 Ep10: Global Harmony & Universal Mojo - Ali Borhani

Season 2
Nov 04, 2020, 05:00 AM

Welcome to the Mojo Podcast
This week we’re looking at the not insubstantial subject of Global Harmony & Universal Mojo
Much of what I speak to guests about each week is very personal and individual mojo. This week I wanted to look at our Collective or Universal mojo a little more
Why now you may ask?
Well, this is a something of a rare episode as I’ve also timed it to coincide with an event that I believe will have an impact - to varying degrees - on all of us over time. The 59th US Presidential Election.
By the time you hear this episode - the voting will be over and we hope a clear result will emerge. One that will allow the US to heal many of the rifts that exist.
The intention of this conversation and having it right now is to spark some new thoughts, to explore new possibilities, to look at long-standing issues in a new way and, we hope, through greater underatanding and respect, increased global harmony.

To undertake a conversation about global harmony, cultural alignment and East/West relations I need a very special guest and I have just the person.
Ali Borhani. Ali is the Managing Director of 3Sixty Strategic Advisors a boutique firm based in London U.K that specializes in emerging markets focused on geo-economic and geo-strategic developments of the decoupling of East and West.
He is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts, the Geo-Strategy Expert with the Family Enterprise Foundation and a mentor to budding entrepreneurs through Mowgli Mentoring.
Ali excels in providing unconventional design thinking on growth and strategy, and acts as a sparring partner to senior executives, family businesses and next generation leaders. At heart Ali is a storyteller, a podcaster, broadcaster, an iconoclastic critic of current affairs and a keen observer of the decoupling of The East & The West.

He is the co-founder and host of Round Peg Podcasts in which he curates some of the most interesting conversations with global business leaders, family businesses, diplomats and other decision makers and recently launched his ONE20 Channel on YouTube 

I hope you get something from this episode. It has certainly helped me look at the state of the world a little differently.
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Thank you
Richard x

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