Eddie Hall on Cryotherapy

Nov 09, 2020, 03:53 PM
The W Word has seen a strong line-up of guests, but not many people can claim the title of World's Strongest Man, as Eddie Hall did when he won the competition in 2017. Physical strength doesn't always translate to mental strength, however, with this week's special guest admitting lockdown hasn't been without its challenges. 2020 aside, episode 4 sees Anna and Kimberley quiz Eddie on his relationship with mental health, from being diagnosed with depression at 13 to finding inner strength through his many successes, including the world record for deadlifting – a title he still holds today. Elsewhere, Eddie opens up about why he switched to Arla Lactofree after being diagnosed as lactose intolerant, along with stories about muscle injuries, his diet regime and this week's wellness trend cryotherapy, a form of muscle therapy that sees the body exposed to temperatures of -100 to -140 degrees celsius. You might want to wrap up for this one.