Hip Hop pioneers are preserving its history

Nov 10, 2020, 07:18 PM

Chris 'Play' Martin of Kid n Play is among the hip-hop pioneers working to preserve the history of a movement that captured a nation. He has a documentary called "And I Danced" that highlights the stories of the dancers in our favorite music video like Madonna's "Vogue."

Martin had joined with Compton's Marq "DJ Cli-n-tel" Hawkins lead singer of 'The World Class Wreckin Cru' (w/ Dr. Dre pre-NWA) and author of his autobiography. Both are part of building the Universal Hip Hop Museum in New York.

On this episode, we hear from:
  • Marq  "DJ Cli-N-Tel" Hawkins  - Hip Hop Artist, educator
  • Christopher 'Play' Martin - Filmmaker, Kid n Play music artist
  • Timothy Conley - Instructor of Digital Literacy at Los Angeles Film School 
  • Autiyana 'Auti Angel' Rivera - Entertainer

Watch our video interview with Chris 'Play' Martin.

Hosted by Christine Devine, FOX 11 News

Note: This episode was recorded in March 2020, prior to the coronavirus lockdown.